What is Logicnap?

A mobile game company founded by puzzle design experts.

What happens when two successful puzzle inventors decide to venture into mobile gaming? When they have spent half a century immersed in mechanical puzzle design, when they have distilled an essence of puzzle aesthetics and design workflows which have resulted in designs that have sold over a million physical copies? When they decide that they want to share their puzzle vision with mobile gamers too, and bring a fresh breath of life into the mobile puzzle gaming world? Briefly: Logicnap.

We're a mobile game development company focused on making a series of logical puzzle games, based on new puzzle mechanisms invented by us. Currently, our first game, Tiltspace, is ready for soft launch. Besides Tiltspace we have a further two dozen or so games in various stages of concepting and development.

Our product

Though occasionally we come up with other styles of game, most of the puzzle games we design as mobile apps are games where around a common theme the player is presented with a sequence of levels, each of which is a logical puzzle.

Our puzzle design goals

Over the years we have solved a lot of puzzles and designed about 1500. During these years we have developed a puzzle aesthetic based on simplicity. What consitutes a good puzzle in our view?

  • Small, simple, zen: the puzzle should be compact, easy to understand and play, comfortable.
  • Logical depth: it should allow for a variety of logical deductions to do while playing, and the mental search you need to do should be at the right level to give a satisfying feeling of depth while playing.
  • Progression: a wide variety of challenges, arranged in a pleasing progression of difficulty, gives momentary feelings of success, and the game remains pleasant for beginner and expert alike.
  • Aha! moments: we strive to give you that satisfying feeling of finding a solution "how on Earth didn't I notice THAT???"
  • Unique solutions: whenever the logic allows we prefer puzzles without ambiguity in the solution. We feel that this gives the game a feeling of crispness.
  • Large numbers of challenges available: when there are lots of theoretical challenges available in the puzzle, that gives us more choice when we select the best and most pleasing challenges in the published puzzle. And the puzzle remains in principle perpetually expandable.


Tiltspace is a tilting maze but not quite like you might expect! In the tilty world of Tiltspace is a tilting maze where logical thinking gets you to the goal.

A tilting maze like no other

Tilt the playfield and guide the little Tiltspace people to their goals. Don't let the bad guys in, and be careful not to get trapped! Start with simple challenges and progress towards the mindbendingly difficult ones.

Endless challenges

Plenty of challenges to play, each of them a mixture of logical thinking and skill: we are choosing the best challenges from millions of potential challenge candidates.

The hardest levels are very very hard indeed. Use the hint button sparingly. Our endless admiration for those who solve all the levels!

Release schedule

Tiltspace will be our first release on the mobile. It is ready for soft launch in selected markets.

Future releases and other projects

Besides Tiltspace which is our first mobile app release, we have a multitude of other puzzle projects. Below are a few examples.

Mobile games
Some examples of mobile games now under development


Tiltspace people in a virtual world maze